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Community/ HOA website. Comes with 40+ modules to manage different aspects of your community.


Easy to manage, fully
customizable and



HOAs can reduce their operational Costs by switching away from snail mail to online communication via Announcements, Newsletters and Email.


Use Documents, Neighbor Notes and Meeting Minutes to keep all communication on your website's database. Secure and easily accessible to your HOA residents.


Residents get the benefit of a social platform via Community Forums. Share Neighbor And Committee Directories with your residents, all protected behind a secure login.


Customize your website using our drag and drop page designer. Customize your Website's navigation menu in a way that best serves your community needs.

HOA Boards

Get your HOA Mobile friendly website up and running in minutes. Use over 40 modules to put at work for your Homeowners association. Customize your website to your taste by turning features on/ off. Design your own pages using our Design Library.

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Property Management
Property Management

HOA Property Management


Offer streamline property management experience by offering a dedicated website solution to your customers.


Create an engaging experience for your customers via Announcements, Community Events and customizable Landing Pages.


Brand each website with your own Logo, Website Links and Contact Information.


Manage multiple websites from a single Login account.


Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Page Designer

Build custom pages with custom layouts using our Drag and drop page designer.

Add custom content including images, text, buttons and custom widgets to createbeautiful looking web pages in minutes.

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Drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Announcements & Emails

Keep your neighborhood informed about important announcements via published announcements. Emails feature lets you send reminders or other notifications directly to the residents inbox.

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Drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Publish Documents Securely

Publish By-laws, Governance Rules, any Application forms for Club reservations or any other document you would like to make accessible to the public, residents or Board Members.

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Drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Architectural Requests & Approvals

Setup workflow for residents to submit Architectural Change Requests. Design your AR application form based on your requirements and assign a committee to approve requests. Exchange notes with residents in a secure way

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Drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Custom Request Forms

Create your own Forms for handling ARC requests, Maintenance Request, Parking Permit and other types of requests. Fully customizable forms at your fingertips using an easy to use Form Designer.

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Drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Facility & Amenity Reservations

Publish list of facilities like Club house, Tennis Courts and any other community facility. Turn ON Reservations feature with ability to control approvals of Reservations.

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Drag and drop

HOA Website Modules

Easy setup

Easy Setup

  • a) Select from over 40+ modules to be available to your community.
  • b) Select your landing page design.
  • c) Configure layout of your website
  • d) Publish website to the residents.


Manage community conversations on important topics via our Forums feature. Create different Forum categories to organize discussion on related topics. Moderate forums by editing/ removing posts that violate discussion rules

Neighbor Accounts

Manage Member accounts for Residents. Allow self registration or admin managed onboarding of members.

Manage Resident accounts, publish customizable Resident Directory.

Violation Notices

Send Violation Notices to Residents for any bylaws violations. Residents can communitcate directly on the violation and attach pictures when

Community Photos

Share your community pictures from social events. Organize pictures in albums.

Community Calendar

Manage your Events calendar by publishing single or recurring events. Enable RSVP for your Event and set up attendee limits for Events.

Schedule Board Meetings

Schedule and publish recurring board meetings. Release meeting minutes to the residents.

Custom Menu Builder

Customize your Website navigation menu with your own labels, links to custom pages and customized drop downs. Be in control of how you want your visitors/ residents to navigate through your site.

Online Voting and Polls

Run board elections online. Setup Voting options, export Voting Results and finally publish the Voting results to the community.

Board Member accounts

Run board elections online. Setup Voting options, export Voting Results and finally publish the Voting results to the community.

Committees & Groups

Create different committees to run different programs within your Neighborhood. Events committee, Architectural Review committee are some of the examples of how you can use this feature.

Custom Theme

Customize your website’s font style, color theme to make your HOA website stand out and present your community as an attractive destination for members/ renters and prospective property owners.





Starting at



For first 100 residents.
$50 for every additional block of 50 residents.
Website with customizable Themes Yes Yes
Contact us Form Yes Yes
Public Documents Yes Yes
Frequently asked questionss Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes
Board Directory Yes Yes
Important Links Yes Yes
Amenities Yes Yes
Annoucements No Yes
Community Events No Yes
Amenity / Facility Reservation No Yes
Neighbor / Board Only Access Docs No Yes
Online Voting No Yes
Meeting Minutes No Yes
Forums No Yes
Groups No Yes
Custom Page Builder No Yes
Custom Form Builder No Yes
Secure Website (SSL) No Yes
Invoicing for HOA Dues No Yes
Collect Payments for Invoices No Yes
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We are passionate about building software products that have a social and community impact. Our Engineering team is based in San Jose, California and we are always looking to improve the platform for our customers to manage their HOA communities. While Clubhaus has its origin going back to Year 2008, the current team acquired this solution in 2019 and has been at work ever since to modernize our solution and introduce new modules and features

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Frequently Asked

Yes, your website can be hosted under a custom domain name. You can either you bring an existing domain name that you already own or you can request us to purchase a custom domain name for your website.

Custom Domain Name costs $15.00 annually.

We are now starting to offer a free SSL certificate with our PRO package. No need to pay additional SSL fee and everything is included in the base price of $300 per year (for 100 residents).

You have multiple ways to customize your HOA website to your liking. Here are some of the possibilities: -

  • a) Use Site Configurator to customize your website’s header, footer, font style and color theme.
  • b) Use Page Designer to customize your website’s Landing Page. Drag and drop images, text and choose hundreds of pre-designed page blocks from our design library.
  • c) Customize your Nav Menu by rearranging it the way you want.
  • d) Create new Web pages using our Page Designer and hook them up to your website’s navigation menu.

Technical Support is provided via email between 7 AM and 5 PM pacific time. Urgent support requests are handled 24 hours a day. Send us an email at

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of our platform. No credit card is needed to start your trial. You can use all the features that come with the trial. Once you decide to continue past your free trial, you can choose your Pricing Plan and pay for your yearly license fee to continue using Clubhaus.

Credit Card is the preferred payment method. But if you are a Property Management Company and would like to send payments using Check in Mail, send us a note and we will make a note on your account to process mail-in payments.